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California Technik was started.in 2010 by a group of aviation professionals. Primary customers are airlines and Original
Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

California Technik is a FAA Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA) facility. California Technik offers custom designing of
electronic products. Our expertise is in designing AC to DC and DC to DC Power Supply systems to the aviation

we strive to treat our customers with the integrity, transparency and respect that they deserve.

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Our Services

Electronic Design & Manufacturing

If you are interested in any of our products, please contact us. If you require a custom design our
Engineers can design electronics that can meet or exceed the EMI and Environmental requirements of DO10 Rev G
(Aviation Standards)

Engineering And certification

California Technik’s Engineering & Certification Team includes experienced members, Team members have been involved in completing several STC and PMA Projects. They have Co-ordinated with the FAA DERs, FAA Project Engineers and airlines or product manufacturer to assure that all parties understand the scope of the work.

Typical Projects will include:


  • Aircraft Survey to identify system installation and aircraft interface.
  • Installation drawings, Detail drawings for both Mechanical and Electrical


  • Prepare/Submit Application for STC and Project Specific Certification Plan.
  • Prepare test plan, perform, testing, witness & approvals.
  • Create all documentation/reports.
  • Support Prototype Installation.
  • Submit documentation to FAA
  • Support Parts and Installation Conformities.
  • Issuance of the STC.

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